Guild Meeting 11th August 10:00 – 4:00 Lower Broadheath Village Hall

The August meeting is a DIY day with a focus on sharing knitting skills.  Christine has offered to help us with ‘Steeking’ (cutting knitted objects).


If you want to have a go Chrissie has suggested that you have something prepared.  Here are her instructions:

If you would like to, then come tot he meeting with something knitted to cut.  It could be any piece of knitting, like a jumper you’d like to try as a cardigan, or a small piece of stranded knitting.  Wool, not super easy, works best as it will felt slightly afterwards.  There are patterns on Ravelry for little mug cosies.  The easiest pattern, (and free) is The simple steek mug cozy by Dorie Lydaght. I don’t reinforce my steeks, and they’ve always been fine.

If you are just making something up, the next bit of advice may be helpful.  In order to cut a straight line it helps to add 5 stitches to the width, knitted in alternate colours, or in rib.  Look up steeking or email me if I’ve confused you.

It is all much easier than it sounds.


Members who prefer to spin or weave are of course welcome to come along, there is plenty of room in the large hall.


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